Some cities have stories to tell. Some cities like to invite artists to translate those stories into pictures. Białystok was the first one for me, Łodź – the second.
“City Stories” is an international comic project, carried out annually since 2006. The idea came from Adam Radoń, director of the International Festival of Comics and Games, however the project is conducted by the Association of Artists CONTUR, together with the City of Łódź Office, Łódź Cultural Center, Łódź Special Economic Zone and Art Zone with cooperation of foreign embassies and other diplomatic institutions and cultural institutions within the partner country.
The main purpose of City Stories is to create short comics about Łódź or, in some way or another, connected to the city. The artists from Poland and another country – writers and drawers – cooperate with each other in international teams, getting to know each other during a week of workshops in Łódź, when they also get to know the city – its history, traditions and culture. The result of their work are stories showing Łódź from many different angles. They are later presented at the International Festival of Comics and Games (and also at many other expos, in Poland and abroad) and published in bilingual albums.
I took part in 2013 edition of the project. The book, published on the beginning of October presents works of Czech artists: Tomas Prokoupek (scriptwriter), Tomas Kucerovsky, Hza Bazant and Polish team: Robert Popielecki, Sylwia Restecka, Marcin Podolec and project coordinator Aneta Blu Kaczmarczyk.


Marcin Podolec at Lodz Film School.


Sylwia Restecka.


Robert Popielecki.


Tomas Kucerovski


Tomas Prokoupek.


Me, at Lodz Film School.