It is a very weird feeling to hold this naked, white figurine in my hands. And then give it a life. You wash it carefully, with a warm water and soap, you dry it gently and then – there it is, waiting for you to become somebody. I’ve painted this vinyl toy for (sold). It is inspired by my first comic album, “The Lipstick” / “Szminka”, written by Jerzy Szyłak.

img_0713 img_0715 img_0727 img_0734 img_0738 img_0743 img_0756 img_0759 img_0765 img_0767 img_0769 img_0771 img_0773 img_0775 img_0779 img_0781 img_0783 img_0785 img_0789 img_0791 img_0792 munny_szminkowaty