Sweet small project: “Tribute to Valentina”, the heroine of Master Crepax. “Tributes made by some of the best international comic book artists from countries such as Portugal, Switzerland, Brazil,
Croatia, UK, USA, France, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Italy, México, Argentina, Finland to Valentina by Guido Crepax for an exhibition to this iconic character to promote Fantagraphics Books Inc. upcoming Crepax book collection”. Here is my first approach – a bit more bodylicious Valentina, with crazy peacock feathers. AND – OMG – it landed in a noble company (Sienkiewicz, Koeb, Farby, Pratt, Canalez, Mack and many more, also – great Polish artists like Wojtek Stefaniec…I’m intimidated. Thx Manuel Espirito Santo for the invite!

valentina-in-swimming-pool_joanna-karpowicz valentina-with-peacock-feathers_joannakarpowicz winter-valentina