It all started in 2012 when I read read two brilliant pieces entitled: “Seven deaths of Natalie Wood” and “Hollywood – the city of demons” ( published in Wysokie Obcasy / Gazeta Wyborcza). Both of them written by Magdalena Lankosz, a journalist, movie-critic, producer.

“What a great material for a comic script” – I thought. I’d like to paint something darker and beautiful”. Fortunately I knew Magda’s talented husband, Borys Lankosz, movie director. I asked him: “Would your wife be interested in writing something for me?”. “Ask her yourself”- said Borys and that was the beginning.

We’ve met. We’ve talked. We got friends. She never dealt with comic before so she wrote what she knew best – a movie script. The story, entitled “Anastasia” was epic. A toxic relationship of Mother and Daughter. Fame, crime, sex, drugs and violence.

When I started it appeared that I can tell the story on 164 pages. It was a lot. I’ve never worked on something that big before. I’ve spend some time on concept arts, I’ve drew a lot of stuff, painted some as well. But I couldn’t embrace this 164 pages so I put this project aside, to cool down and think of a better approach. Then we divided the story into two parts.

Yesterday I’ve finished “Anastasia I”. It’s 88 pages in color, painted with acrylic on canvas paper. Why did it take such a long time, 4 years, you ask? Well, I made my calculations – technically it took me only 6 months, day by day, to work on it. In practice half of it was made in between a projects (painting exhibitions, illustrations). One day here, one day there. We all have bills to pay so it was hard for me to drop everything just to be involved in one project. But for the last 3 months I made that risk and it payed off. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I’ve learned a lot. But now “Anastasia I” is ready for the “post-production” process. Now everything is in hands of the Publisher.

PS. As you can see, there was a little demonic help. Thanks, Daruma!