As a human kind we make a lot of attempts to domesticate the element of water. A swimming pool is one of the sweetest. We frame the water into the geometry of concrete, we enjoy it. What a wonderful illusion. The painting above is one of the Anubis series. Clearly, this funeral deity feels at home, whenever he is. The sky is darkening, the storm is coming.

Although realism is not that relevant to me, I try to keep a certain level of it – just enough to put you there, with me. So there we are, next to the swimming pool. There is no wind, yet. She is wearing yellow swimsuit and her red hair shines. She’s just about to jump and she’s giving you a look. A look of sadness, just like she was about to say – Goodbye!

Anubis with L.A.Woman, 27 x 33 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2015