Hotels were always my great fascination. Not because I’m so much into a hospitality business, but because each of them is a little universe, governed by its own rules. And every universe has its mysteries, well hidden from guest’s eyes. While entering a hotel lobby or a room we become a part of this universe, but we almost never go deeper. “Room 666”, my first individual painting exhibition was an attempt of portraying a hotel inner life. The exhibition took place at the Nova Gallery (Art Agenda Nova, on March 2003).
Obviously, I’m not the only one inspired by a hotel. “Hotel California”, by the Eagels, is a place where “You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!”.  Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel”, where “the desk clerks are dressed in black” is one sad business, welcoming all those who were “to long on a lonely street”. There is The Overlook Hotel in “Shining” by Stephen King – majestic and haunted. And many, many more…


“Room 666”, 200 x 70 cm, 2003. Picture taken in the old atelier (old Olga Boznanska studio) on Piłsudskiego street, Cracow.

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