Joanna Karpowicz / “His Lodge”, 30 x 40 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2015

So where does Anubis live? Does he favor any particular place, to come back to? Does he have any place where he rests, sleeps or party? Nobody knows the truth, but I can bet His house is NOT in the village, as Frost wrote. It’d rather be woods.

When my Father died, in 2001, I was wondering of how to survive the unbearable pain of losing him. Where is he now? I was asking myself this question and the answer was right in front of my eyes – it was a piece of woven fabric, hanging on the kitchen wall. It had a hunting motive – a dear, plus some dear ladies, surrounded by woods and mountains, with the wooden house on the rock, above the lake. And then I understood. My Father was there, sitting at the chimney, cooking soup, reading books, enjoying himself, as always in nature. It felt better to know.
So here is this picture. A dear on canvas – how contemporary! Dear looks at us, chewing. In a perspective, on the hill: a house of Anubis. There he is, raising a toast with a glass of an excellent red wine, to my Father and the others. Cheers to you, all!