No more secrets! This anthology opens the door to the vital and colorful, but very well hidden, female comics scene from Poland. 20 young comics authors tell gripping stories about their lives-childhood, adolescence as well as their current daily struggles and joys, about their fears, desires and dreams. While discovering this vibrant group of artists, you will also get a glimpse into the Polish life. The comics capture the multifaceted relationships to friends, men and very often to their dearly loved grandmothers, who might now also tell you some valuable life lessons.
David Schilter / kuš!

“Double Portrait” – over 130 pages, 20 polish female artists – self portrayed in comic, portrayed in photography. “Polish Female Comics. Double Portrait” is an anthology, released on October 2012, during International Comic and Games Festival in Lodz. The book is one of the newest projects of Central Europe Comics Art.  Ola Szmida is the author of a cover.

You can find my short story there, an autobiographic story entitled: “5 random lessons from my childhood”, designed by Cris Loghin. All facts presented in the story ARE TRUE!
The exhibition promoting “Double Portrait” was  presented in Kaunas, Linz, Cracow, Riga and Budapest.