FMCG culture raises Anubis sadness. He feels like it deprives us of dignity. It takes away a joy of variety. And replaces many other joys of life with one minute of “bliss point” experience. Don’t be a looser, make yourself a sandwich. A real one. You will be five minutes late? So what?

“Along with burgers and fries, McDonald’s is going to be serving up children’s literacy. The fast food franchise is set to start offering books as the prize in children’s Happy Meals instead of cheap toys — in the U.K., at least”, says Time.
I wonder, what kind of books will those be? Sweet and easy to swallow or with a grain of salt.

Well, this is UK, experimenting. The rest of Europe and USA still buy red boxes for a cheap toy that could be produced in one of the factories like those, from “Santa’s Workshop” documentary.


Joanna Karpowicz / “Anubis with Happy Meal”, 60 x 40 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2014