Imagine a breakfast…At the table: Andrzej Sapkowski, fantasy writer, creator of The Witcher Series, Wojciech Siudmak, painter and sculptor, creating fantastic worlds on canvas and in space, Tomasz Bagiński, illustrator, animator and director, Maciej Parowski, editor of “Nowa Fantastyka” and me. I know, sounds like an abstract dream. Yet it happened, in Lodz, the town I really love and reccomend for visiting. As Wikipedia defines it: “The concept of avant-garde refers primarily to artists, writers, composers and thinkers whose work is opposed to mainstream cultural values and often has a trenchant social or political edge.” In this context, City of Lodz made an interesting experiment to invite us all for a cyclic event called “A Breakfast with Avant-garde”. We’ve discussed life, art and avant-garde. It was fun!
To me it was a great pleasure to sit down with three artists I’ve always admired for their imagination.

Photos: Łódź pełna kultury – Serwis informacyjny Wydziału Kultury Urzędu Miasta Łodzi / Facebook