“Kwaśne jabłko”, written by Jerzy Szyłak, put me through a rollercoaster of emotions. Working on this comic book wasn’t easy. Domestic violence is a fact. Illustrations are filled up with pain and sadness. The strenght to carry on came from the deep belief – “Kwaśne jabłko” is a story that needed to be told. And painted. I’m honored to work with prof. Jerzy Szyłak, again. He wrote an excellent script. I hope that you’ll be willing to find out for yourself. The album was published by Timof Comics and released during The International Festival of Comics and Games 2017 (MFKiG, Łódź).

This comic book is avaliable at the publisher’s website.

Kwaśne jabłko v3 wgląd(2)-3Kwaśne jabłko v3 wgląd-7Kwaśne jabłko v3 wgląd-16


Cover Design: Jarek Obważanek